Michelin’s decade of innovation and success in motorsport

In the course of the past 10 years, Michelin’s increasingly sophisticated, energy-efficient, consistent and, now, connected tyres collected more than 300 world-class victories in disciplines as varied as MotoGP, endurance racing, rallying and Formula E. 

Michelin’s first Formula 1 world titles

In 1979, Michelin demonstrated the superiority of its radial tyre technology by claiming the first of its titles in the Formula 1 World Championship. Forty years on, the French firm continues to see motorsport as a means to innovate and take its technologies forward, especially in competitions that place the accent on sustainable mobility and lasting performance. 

Enduro: Renet strong leader in the E2

Second round of the Nordic trip, the Grand Prix of Sweden was one of the toughest one of the season, with long and demanding special test sessions. Except Pierre Alexandre Renet (Husqvarna Michelin) no riders were able to secure a double win in Sweden, and there’s an important change in the E3 class as Matthew Phillips (KTM) is the new leader of the series.

Once more after Finland, Christophe Nambotin (KTM) and Eero Remes (TM) got similar results in Sweden, sharing the first two places far away from their rivals. The situation remains the same in the series with a difference of 37 points between them, but Remes is now second in the standings. Cristobal Guerrero (KTM) and Jeremy Tarroux (Sherco Michelin) also share the third and fourth positions; Guerrero is now third in the standings, while Tarroux is closer to his teammate Anthony Boissière sixth and seventh in Sweden.

Meo in a French hospital after his accident last weekend, Pierre Alexandre Renet kept all his motivation to grab an important double win which allowed him to have a strong lead in the series. Unbeatable on Saturday as he beats Johnny Aubert (Beta Michelin) and Alex Salvini (Honda) by nearly two and three minutes, the Frenchman was not as strong on Sunday but beats Aubert by half a minute. Twice third ahead of Lorenzo Santolino (Sherco Michelin), Cervantes lost again points over the Frenchies.

Racing with the pain on Saturday to save crucial points, Ivan Cervantes (KTM) was forced to retire on Sunday with his painful ankle and lost the leadership of the category. It’s his teammate Matthew Phillips (KTM) who is the new leader; winner on Saturday, the Australian was not as strong on Sunday as he finished third behind Mathias Bellino (Husqvarna Michelin) and Matti Seistola (Sherco Michelin). The Frenchman did his best GP with a second position and a win, while the Finn recovered from a bad Saturday.

In the junior class the battle between teammates Daniel McCanney and Giacomo Redondi (Beta Michelin) never stopped; the Brit beats the Italian on Saturday, and on Sunday it was the opposite. The script was similar for the third and fourth spots, between teammates Loic Larrieu and Jamie McCanney (Husqvarna Michelin).

The WEC enters now a long break after the cancelation of the Mexican round, and the series will be back in action in Italy on August 2nd and 3rd.

Provisional standings after GP5.

E1 : 1.Nambotin (FRA, KTM), 191 ; 2.Remes (FIN, TM), 154 ; 3.Guerrero (SPA, KTM), 146 ; 4.Boissière (FRA, Sherco Michelin), 121 ; 5.Tarroux (FRA, Sherco), 119 ; 6.Betriu (SPA, Husqvarna Michelin), 96 ; 7.Oldrati (ITA, Husqvarna Michelin), 71 ; etc …

E2 : 1.Renet (FRA, Husqvarna Michelin), 186 ; 2.Aubert (FRA, Beta Michelin), 152 ; 3.Salvini (ITA, Honda), 128 ; 4. Meo (FRA, KTM), 114 ; 5.Santolino (SPA, Sherco Michelin), 110 ; 6.Mena (SPA, Beta Michelin), 87 ; etc…

E3 : 1.Phillips (AUS, KTM), 174 ; 2.Cervantes (SPA, KTM), 155 ; 3.Bellino (FRA, Husqvarna Michelin), 148 ; 4.Seistola (FIN, Sherco Michelin), 127 ; 5.Correia (POR, Beta Michelin), 118 ; 6.Joly (FRA, KTM Michelin), 97 ; etc…

Juniors : 1.McCanney Daniel (GBR, Beta Michelin), 189 ; 2.Redondi (ITA, Beta Michelin), 167 ; 3.Larrieu (FRA, Husqvarna Michelin), 154; 4.McCanney Jamie (GBR, Husqvarna Michelin), 96 ; 5.Mori (ITA, KTM), 74 ; etc…


Michelin on the virtual racing front

The coronavirus pandemic has obviously brought real motorsport to a halt, but many of Michelin’s driver partners have been keeping their eye in thanks to virtual races like Sebring SuperSaturday, e-Sport MotoGP and Porsche Supercup Virtual Edition.

24H du Mans

Le Mans 2020 put back 98 days

Initially scheduled for the weekend of June 13-14, this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours has been postponed until mid-September due to the coronavirus outbreak. The 1968 race was also held in September and saw Michelin provide new radial tyres for its partner Alpine.


Rally Mexico Win #6 for Ogier

Sébastien Ogier steered his Michelin LTX Force-equipped Toyota Yaris WRC to victory this weekend to earn his sixth success in Mexico. However, Round 3 of the 2020 FIA World Rally Championship was brought to an early close due to the coronavirus outbreak.


FIA WRC - 2020 Rally Guanajuato Mexico - Racecard

The Rally Mexico is the season’s opening gravel round and a big challenge for the Michelin tyres! Get our racecard to find out more about the 3rd round of the 2020

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